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Moore Good News!

Since the beginning of the course, it was my intention to allow users to type a double vowel rather than a vowel with a macron (e.g. yy instead of ȳ). I assumed I had built this functionality in by stating that, for example, yy was an acceptable typo for ȳ. Apparently this wasn't so. Instead, I needed this to be added to the list of the language's "rules", something only Duolingo staff could do.

Well, the good news is that Duolingo staff has added the rules I requested as of a few days ago, and as of today, the rules actually function for users! This means from now on, for any exercise, you may type the sequences on the left instead of the characters/sequences on the right (upper or lower case):

  • aa instead of ā
  • ee instead of ē
  • ii instead of ī
  • oo instead of ō
  • uu instead of ū
  • yy instead of ȳ
  • hr instead of rh

From now on, Duolingo will automatically replace the items on the left with the items on the right. This should make typing in the language a lot easier—especially for mobile users!

(Note: Due to the presence of nj and ny sequences, nothing can be done for ñ. Hopefully that character is common enough that it doesn't cause too many problems.)

March 3, 2019



Is this working for everybody? I can get all the characters with macrons on my phone except for ȳ, and I just got marked wrong for writing "Korze syyz issa" for "Korze sȳz issa." The only way to get this correct on my phone is to write "Korze syz issa," which the system marks correct, though it tells me I have a typo in my answer.


No idea about this. I just tested that sentence on my end and it accepts syyz. I haven't tried that particular sentence on mobile, but I've tried others and it works. Keep letting me know if you run into these issues.


For me, it's working on desktop but not on mobile. I almost always use the desktop version, but I realize that's not convenient for everyone.


Why is hr replaced by rh? I mean why is there a problem of tipping rh? Just 2 normal letters everybody has on their keyboard.


Since hr never occurs, and rh comes from natural hr sequences, I figured there was no harm in including that change.


Oh yes I forgot about this thing "ñuha" becomes "ñurha" and not "ñuhra". Makes sense.


It's a very common typo that happens. It would also never happen in real High Valyrian since hr automatically would become rh.


hoi Sjors, have a lingot :3


Awesome! Thank you.

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