"He is playing with me."

Translation:वह मेरे साथ खेल रहा है।

March 3, 2019



Is there a reason that this would not be: वह मुझसे खेल रहा है Thanks!

March 3, 2019


'noun'से खेलना means 'to play using the 'noun' as an accessory'. For example - 'वह गेंद से खेल रहा है' - 'He is playing with (using) a ball'. It cannot be used with people/animals.

'noun' के साथ खेलना means 'to play in the company of 'noun''.

For the pronoun, मैं (I), the form मुझसे is equivalent to using the postposition से (Instrumental case) and the form मेरे साथ is equivalent to using the postposition के साथ (Genitive case).

March 5, 2019
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