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  5. "These buildings are mine."

"These buildings are mine."

Translation:Gedung-gedung ini milikku.

March 4, 2019



On the exercise, the good answer is : "Gedung-gedung ini punyaku"

I thought "punya" was "(to) have (got)"... So if i read the indonesian sentence, i read it like that : "These buildings have me"

And when i tried to translate from English by myself, i was thinking milikku instead of punyaku...

Where is my mystake please ? Is someone able to explain the difference between punya and milik ?


"Gedung-gedung ini punyaku" is equal to "Gedung-gedung ini milikku".

"These buildings have me" means "Gedung-gedung ini memilikku".


Sounds like Hitler was talking not the computer lady.

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