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So, what do we know about Frantisek, Katerina, and Sofie, and Matej?

I'm most of the way through the Czech tree and am really wishing I started taking notes about these four characters early on. For example-- who is married to whom? What does each one of them do? Which one of them put the body in the freezer?? :-D

Just curious what you've figured out about our four friends. :)


March 4, 2019



Here's my report on František:

František is a big boy with broad shoulders and a large head but no big ears. He is young and doesn't age. He is not a bad man; Kateřina even considers him a good man. František is quite smart but his dogs are smarter. He does not understand traffic rules. He couldn't drink but now he should try to drink less.

František has a big family. He is a dad (he's considered a good father), an uncle as well as a grandfather. He has two married sisters. His sisters used to sing in the garden. His little sister smokes. František is the tallest son. He also has a brother called Matěj, although some say they were not brothers. He used to play soccer with Matěj. His daughter is expecting a child with Matěj!

František has two houses in Prague, but he no longer remembers which city he is in. He also has a very small apartment but he lives with Žofie's parents. He used to live in a pretty strange house. Someone kicked his door.

František is not at home today. He also didn't go to school today. He is not good at any subject. He used to sell cars, but now he sells washers and dryers. He never does laundry himself. František did not work from October to December. He is writing his eleventh book now. And he often picks mushrooms with Kateřina.

František has cheese. He wanted twenty-two trees but someone gave him an ugly sweater. František is happy with his new car. It stood in front of some woman's house all night. Now he is looking for his car.

František is someone's second husband. He is glad that his wife is German. His teacher is also German. František married the wrong woman; he likes an English woman. František loves all women: English, German and also Czech. Some say he married the wrong woman. Others say he is not married. But he is happy with his new girlfriend. He is getting married to Kateřina, despite being married to her already. Kateřina is looking for a cheap bed for him.

František is interested in Žofie. He is quite young for Žofie and afraid of her dog. Žofie thought that her love would change him. František found Žofie's body under the bridge. They locked him up.

An investigation was initiated on František's fox. But he does not wish to be investigated. He had an accident but the bear survived. He struck a bear and died.

František was unlucky.


This is absolutely delightful insanity. THANK YOU


While reading this some sad song came up on shuffle and that made it all sound very emotional. Oh, poor František and his unfortunate life


better put on the František song. that one is nice and peaceful https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4KqOjveYnE


not available in trumpistan. alternative: https://youtu.be/mEkm6tbHauI


This is wonderful!


This subject has actually come up in the Incubator. We extracted the list, although that is as far as it went. There are too many contradictions, or maybe we are dealing with multiple individuals under at least some of the names.

Not all of these may have been presented to users because of the exercise picking algorithm. And I suppose we may have lost some sentences in processing. I deleted fragments like "little František" on purpose.

Here is a sorted list of 600--enjoy!

A letter from Kateřina arrived.
After nine unfortunate years, Žofie stopped trying.
After six hours at the airport, František stopped waiting.
All three of Matěj's wives had brown hair and green eyes.
And František is a man?
Are both of Matěj's windows open?
Are both of Žofie's dogs small?
Are Matěj and Kateřina husband and wife?
Are there any women that Matěj respects?
Are you a good friend, Matěj?
As soon as we bought a house, Žofie wanted a child.
At first, we are going to have to live with František's parents.
Both of František's houses are in Prague.
Both of František's sisters are married.
Both of Kateřina's parents are teachers.
Both of Matěj's daughters already have their own children.
Both of Žofie's parents are dead.
Did Matěj buy that machine or did František?
Did Matěj speak in a high voice then?
Did you return the pen to Kateřina?
Did Žofie use to be a man?
Do not tell Žofie about this.
Do you know what I found under Kateřina's bed?
Do you know what the name of Kateřina's girl is?
Does František know what we think about Kateřina?
Does Žofie work in the office or at home?
Even after four children, Žofie looks like a young girl.
Everybody applauded, except for Matěj, who was sleeping.
First about Žofie and then about Matěj.
For how many years did František sell cars?
František always agrees with her.
František always talks about his mother's meals.
František and I used to say it to each other every day.
František and Kateřina like their names.
František and Kateřina went to look for their cat.
František and Matěj are big boys.
František and Matěj are her uncles.
František and Matěj are proper names of people.
František and Matěj are quite smart.
František and Matěj make beds and tables.
František and Matěj were brothers.
František and Žofie live at her parents'.
František could not drink.
František does not have big ears.
František does not say that word.
František does not teach in our school.
František does not understand them.
František found Žofie's body under the bridge.
František had broad shoulders.
František has a big family.
František has a large head.
František has a very small apartment.
František has a wife even worse than Matěj.
František has a young son.
František has already had six wives!
František has been living there for a year or two already.
František has cheese.
František has five brothers.
František has her cats.
František has one sister and two brothers.
František hurt Kateřina with that word.
František is a boy, whereas Matěj is a man.
František is a Dad.
František is buying a house in that city.
František is carrying pears on the plate.
František is coming out of the bathroom.
František is glad that his wife is German.
František is grey now.
František is happy with his new car.
František is happy with his new girlfriend.
František is her grandfather.
František is her husband.
František is her mom's older brother.
František is her second husband.
František is interested in Žofie.
František is looking for his car.
František is looking forward to it like a little child.
František is marrying Kateřina, although he does not love her.
František is Matěj's and Žofie's father.
František is no longer here.
František is not a bad man.
František is not at home today.
František is not good at any subject.
František is not interested in that strange person.
František is not interested in that.
František is not the boys' father.
František is our tallest son.
František is quite young for Žofie.
František is thinking about that pear.
František is this girl's brother.
František is waiting for her with her child.
František is waiting for Kateřina.
František is writing his eleventh book now.
František is your former husband?
František kept on waiting.
František likes this English woman.
František likes you.
František lived in a pretty strange house then.
František loves all women: English, German and also Czech.
František married her.
František married the wrong woman.
František never does laundry.
František no longer even remembers which city he is in!
František offered me more.
František returned a week ago.
František said that he was hungry.
František sees the cows.
František sells washers and dryers.
František should try to drink less.
František struck a bear and died.
František takes care of horses.
František talks too loud.
František wanted twenty-two trees.
František was unlucky.
František, are you still a student?
František, I feel that you do not love me at all anymore!
František, whose bird is it?
František, why is my spoon so dirty?
František, you are not married?
František, you are young.
František, you do not age.
František, you exist?
František's aunt likes my hands.
František's car stood in front of her house all night.
František's dog does not wish to be investigated.
František's dog looks like something between a wolf and a fox.
František's dogs are smarter.
František's parents can't stand me.
František's sisters used to sing in the garden.
František's teacher is German.
From October to December, František did not work.
Good morning, I am Kateřina!
Have you ever slept in Žofie's apartment?
He hoped that Kateřina would wait for him.
He is František.
He is looking at Kateřina.
He is Matěj.
He is the father of two of Žofie's sons.
He loved Kateřina.
Hello, I am František.
Hello, I am Kateřina.
Hello, I am Matěj.
Hello, I am Žofie.
Her letter was under Matěj's magazines.
Hi, I am Kateřina.
How am I to reply to Kateřina?
How did Žofie's body get under the bridge?
How expensive was Žofie's motorcycle?
How long did Kateřina and Žofie wait for Matěj?
How many of the machines does František need that he was asking about?
How many rooms does the house that Matěj lives in have?
How much is the motorcycle Matěj is interested in?
I am František!
I am František.
I am helping František.
I am Kateřina.
I am Matěj.
I am not František.
I am starting to like you, František.
I am with Žofie now.
I am writing a long book about Matěj.
I can drive better than Matěj.
I can listen to Kateřina all day.
I can see that František does not understand traffic rules.
I did not know you gave your horse to Matěj.
I did not need to know this about Kateřina.
I do not care about František.
I do not know my grandfather's friend František.
I do not miss František.
I know Kateřina's son.
I know neither František nor Matěj.
I learned that František had died.
I like František's apartment more than mine.
I like Kateřina's eyes.
I like looking into Žofie's eyes.
I like this about František.
I love Kateřina, while he hates her.
I miss Kateřina.
I see Kateřina.
I should go to Prague with Kateřina.
I used to know a František at school.
In July, Matěj opened a new restaurant by the airport.
In which room did Žofie live?
Is František rich?
Is František there?
Is František your uncle?
Is it the team that Žofie left for?
Is Kateřina a woman or a little girl?
Is Kateřina going somewhere?
Is Kateřina tall?
Is Kateřina's bicycle black or red?
Is Matěj a good husband?
Is Matěj the children's father?
Is Matěj your husband?
Is Matěj's soup warm enough?
Is that bear Matěj's or Kateřina's?
Is that František?
Is this supposed to be Kateřina's portrait?
Is your brother Matěj younger or older than you?
It happened when Kateřina was closing the door.
Kateřina always knew what she wanted.
Kateřina and František are drinking wine.
Kateřina and František are typical Czech names.
Kateřina and František often pick mushrooms.
Kateřina and Matěj announced that they are getting married in the summer.
Kateřina and Matěj are her children.
Kateřina and my son are friends.
Kateřina and Žofie are eating apples.
Kateřina and Žofie are grandmothers.
Kateřina and Žofie are Matěj's aunts.
Kateřina and Žofie are my cousins.
Kateřina and Žofie are talking about their grandfathers.
Kateřina and Žofie are washing their shirts.
Kateřina and Žofie could not stand one another.
Kateřina and Žofie were cousins.
Kateřina and Žofie were not sisters.
Kateřina and Žofie, age slowly.
Kateřina apologized to her colleague.
Kateřina arrived two minutes ago.
Kateřina asked me to wait for her.
Kateřina came on foot.
Kateřina complains that Matěj is never home.
Kateřina considers František a good man.
Kateřina does not eat cheese.
Kateřina does not have an apple, but a pear.
Kateřina does not know a man who would understand her.
Kateřina does not like him.
Kateřina does not take after her mother at all.
Kateřina does not want to live in that house.
Kateřina does not want to marry Matěj.
Kateřina does not work in December.
Kateřina eats pears often, while her husband cannot stand them.
Kateřina finished school one year before me.
Kateřina goes to a university.
Kateřina has been parking in the bike lane.
Kateřina has been working in hotels for five years.
Kateřina has good grades in school.
Kateřina has had two husbands, one worse than the other.
Kateřina has many children.
Kateřina has many cousins.
Kateřina has married sisters.
Kateřina has shorter hair than her son.
Kateřina insisted on it.
Kateřina is a good and pretty woman!
Kateřina is a very hard-working employee.
Kateřina is afraid of his experiments.
Kateřina is buying a new suit for her husband.
Kateřina is eating chicken.
Kateřina is expecting a family with that artist.
Kateřina is getting married to František.
Kateřina is here.
Kateřina is in her fourth month.
Kateřina is interested in theater.
Kateřina is looking for a cheap bed for František.
Kateřina is married.
Kateřina is mine!
Kateřina is my best friend, whom I tell everything.
Kateřina is not interested in them.
Kateřina is not tall at all, but she is definitely taller than you.
Kateřina is not thinking about the last horse.
Kateřina is our youngest player.
Kateřina is skin and bones.
Kateřina is teaching me three hundred new words.
Kateřina is their grandmother.
Kateřina is very pretty, but Žofie is even prettier.
Kateřina is waiting for me in my room.
Kateřina is your wife.
Kateřina knows at least ten languages.
Kateřina lives in Bohemia and Žofie in Moravia.
Kateřina looked angry.
Kateřina married a rich tourist from Austria.
Kateřina married their youngest son.
Kateřina often talks to my son.
Kateřina only lived in that room for two days.
Kateřina promised that she would not forget.
Kateřina respects her mother.
Kateřina returned to her first husband.
Kateřina sells windows in that new store.
Kateřina sent me a long letter.
Kateřina slowly closed her eyes.
Kateřina talks like that.
Kateřina trusted the first Czech president.
Kateřina wants a rich one.
Kateřina wants to have three children.
Kateřina was looking for you.
Kateřina was my true love.
Kateřina was unhappily in love.
Kateřina would not read this book.
Kateřina wrote it about your husband.
Kateřina, do you want a new husband?
Kateřina, how did you learn that he had already been married three times?
Kateřina, how many children of your own do you want to have?
Kateřina, look at me!
Kateřina, where are you?
Kateřina, why are you crying?
Kateřina, why did you marry František?
Kateřina, you have a beautiful name.
Kateřina's bear has a strange relationship to Russia.
Kateřina's mother is no longer alive.
Kateřina's mother was not even sixty when she died.
Kateřina's report card has disappointed me.
Kateřina's room is above ours.
Kateřina's son knows five languages.
Let Matěj stay home.
Let's not tell Žofie that Matěj has died.
Let's tell Kateřina to go home.
Let's write Kateřina's parents a letter.
Look, Matěj, that is not possible!
Matěj always studied less, and now he knows less.
Matěj and František are cousins.
Matěj and František are good fathers.
Matěj and František are grandfathers.
Matěj and František were not brothers.
Matěj and František were talking about their grandmothers?
Matěj and his brother are my uncles.
Matěj and I are drinking coffee.
Matěj and Kateřina weren't married.
Matěj and Žofie did not wait for us.
Matěj asked us the day before yesterday whether you had ever been married.
Matěj ate all the meat again!
Matěj ate that red mushroom, and now he is not feeling well.
Matěj became a rich man thanks to an auction.
Matěj came to work sick, and so now we are all coughing.
Matěj cannot have pears.
Matěj cannot stand Kateřina's cousin Žofie.
Matěj considered himself an expert.
Matěj does not have meat.
Matěj does not hear your machine but does hear ours.
Matěj does not like pink.
Matěj does not sleep because of her.
Matěj does not want to study longer than five minutes a day.
Matěj fears this word.
Matěj felt good among Žofie's girlfriends.
Matěj has a young wife.
Matěj has an expensive apartment.
Matěj has been in high school for six years.
Matěj has many sisters.
Matěj has many sweaters.
Matěj has meat.
Matěj has neither a washer nor a dryer.
Matěj has returned to his first wife.
Matěj hears my bears.
Matěj injured his left shoulder during the match.
Matěj is a man.
Matěj is a small boy.
Matěj is bad, but František is different.
Matěj is buying his fifteenth house.
Matěj is eating bread and drinking water.
Matěj is eating from the dirty plate.
Matěj is expecting a child with František's daughter.
Matěj is her young cousin.
Matěj is looking at those meals.
Matěj is looking for a wealthy tourist.
Matěj is looking for the food.
Matěj is my best friend, whom I tell everything.
Matěj is my youngest sibling.
Matěj is not a child.
Matěj is not hungry.
Matěj is one of eight brothers.
Matěj is our friends' son.
Matěj is our sons' friend.
Matěj is quite old.
Matěj is that woman's son.
Matěj is the head of our family.
Matěj is waiting for food.
Matěj likes the color of those cars.
Matěj lives by himself.
Matěj lives here now.
Matěj lives in that house.
Matěj lives only for her.
Matěj looked disappointed.
Matěj loves math.
Matěj makes more than me.
Matěj married a woman with a child.
Matěj needs a new table and four chairs.
Matěj needs water.
Matěj often sleeps at the office.
Matěj prefers tea.
Matěj probably knows a lot about Poland because he has written six books about it.
Matěj promised that he would retaliate against Russia.
Matěj proposed to her two months ago.
Matěj respects his father.
Matěj said he would not come before Wednesday.
Matěj stands by his girl.
Matěj surprised us with his good spelling.
Matěj teaches English and German.
Matěj wants a rich one!
Matěj was reading all night.
Matěj went there yesterday.
Matěj would not be afraid of anything.
Matěj, how do I look?
Matěj, how tall are you?
Matěj, why do you eat cats and dogs?
Matěj, why don't girls want you?
Matěj, you are a good friend.
Matěj, your cheeks are red.
Matěj's cat is old and sick.
Matěj's grandfather was a teacher of German.
Matěj's older brother is forty-two.
Maybe even František will come!
My colleague Matěj spoke with that artist yesterday.
My daughter's name is Žofie.
My daughters were in the theater with Žofie.
My name is Žofie.
My smartest sibling is Žofie.
No one knew about Matěj's first child.
No, František is not at home.
No, I am Matěj.
No, I am Žofie.
No, that is Kateřina.
No, Žofie was worse at it.
On Saturday, we were sitting in the theater behind Žofie's mother.
On the twentieth, it was Kateřina's birthday.
On Wednesday, I saw Grandma's former student Matěj.
One day even František is going to learn it.
One wife was not enough for Matěj?
She is Kateřina, and he is Matěj.
She is Kateřina.
She is Žofie.
She says that František is the right one.
Someone kicked František's door.
Tell Kateřina not to eat so much.
Tell Žofie to wait.
That child is either Matěj's or František's.
That is for Matěj.
That is František.
That is Kateřina!
That is Matěj!
That is Matěj.
That is not the apple that Matěj wanted.
That is not the Matěj that Žofie is getting married to.
That is the wrong František!
That is Žofie.
That man is either František or Matěj.
That must be František.
That was František.
That woman was not Žofie but Kateřina.
The bear survived František's accident.
The boy with dirty ears is František's son.
The food is for Matěj.
The sounds that Matěj is making are not music.
The stone for Matěj's statue is from Germany.
Their names are František and Matěj.
Their son knows Kateřina's daughter.
There are spiders living in Kateřina's violin.
There is a fox sitting on František.
There was a tall man in a hat sitting in front of Žofie.
They are looking for Matěj at four stations.
They are the names of Kateřina's brothers.
They left in František's car.
They locked up František.
This chair is for Žofie.
This is the house that Žofie likes.
This is up to František.
This is Žofie's.
Those men are waiting for Kateřina.
Was it you, František?
Wasn't even František supposed to come?
We are not going to miss František.
We have measured Kateřina's hair.
We have the pear for Matěj.
We initiated an investigation of František's fox.
We must say something to František's siblings.
We need coffee for Matěj.
We need two more sentences about Matěj and three about Žofie.
We returned in Matěj's airplane.
We take care of Žofie.
We think about Kateřina.
We used to play soccer with František and Matěj here.
We wanted to prove that Matěj had been lying.
We were watching it from Kateřina's windows.
We will play with Žofie's ball.
We will wait until Matěj returns.
What do you like from Slovak cuisine, Kateřina?
What does he remember about Kateřina?
What grade does Žofie go to?
What is František like?
What kind of husband is František?
What kind of wife is Žofie?
What was in the suitcase František forgot?
What was Žofie holding with that strange tool?
When did Kateřina see that letter on the desk?
When did Matěj become Žofie's friend?
When did you last get anything from Matěj?
When Kateřina was little, she destroyed two pianos.
When will Matěj's answer be explained?
Where are you going, František?
Where did you hear that Matěj died?
Where do Matěj's sons work?
Where does František work?
Where does Kateřina want to live?
Where is Matěj's automobile?
Which František are you waiting for?
Which man is Matěj?
Which name is Žofie talking about?
Which socks are Žofie's?
Which things does Žofie hate about our room?
Which woman is Žofie?
While František is sleeping, his wife is crying.
Who gave František that ugly sweater?
Who has taught František's little sister to smoke?
Who has that cheese for František?
Who is Kateřina?
Who is prettier, Kateřina or her sister?
Who misses Matěj?
Who showed František's and Kateřina's friends where we live?
Why are Žofie's sons not here?
Why did František not go to school today?
Why did you not go there in September, František?
Why haven't you translated the letter from František yet?
Why is František not eating the soup?
Why is Kateřina a good wife?
Why would I lie to Žofie's father?
Would you live at František's parents'?
Yes, I am František.
Yes, I am František's brother.
Yes, I am Kateřina.
Yes, I am Matěj.
Yes, I am Žofie.
Yes, Žofie is good.
Yesterday one of Matěj's friends visited us.
You are a good woman, Kateřina!
You are a young man, František.
You are František.
You are tall, František!
You are Žofie.
You did not respect Matěj.
You resemble Kateřina.
Your aunt was talking about some František.
Žofie and I live on the same street.
Žofie asked where we have our bathroom.
Žofie can't stand her cousin Kateřina.
Žofie can't stand wine.
Žofie did not open the letter from Kateřina.
Žofie does everything more successfully than her uncle.
Žofie does not know what to think.
Žofie does not love Matěj, and yet she is marrying him.
Žofie does not want to talk about children.
Žofie got a letter from him in August.
Žofie had a nice nose.
Žofie has a big pear.
Žofie has a dog that František is afraid of.
Žofie has a young uncle.
Žofie has apples.
Žofie has been resting for an hour.
Žofie has eggs.
Žofie has few spoons.
Žofie has six fingers on her right hand.
Žofie is a good student.
Žofie is a student at a university in Prague.
Žofie is a successful artist.
Žofie is coming here.
Žofie is eating good soup.
Žofie is experienced but quite lazy.
Žofie is here.
Žofie is interested in Matěj.
Žofie is Kateřina's daughter.
Žofie is looking for a successful husband.
Žofie is my sister's daughter.
Žofie is not a bad woman.
Žofie is not interested in strange houses.
Žofie is our daughters' friend.
Žofie is scared to go into the woods.
Žofie is sleeping now.
Žofie is the daughter of my cousin Kateřina.
Žofie is the little girl's mother.
Žofie is this man's daughter.
Žofie is waiting for me.
Žofie is weighing her child.
Žofie kept on doing laundry in the same washer.
Žofie knows this boy's grandmother.
Žofie knows your cats and my dogs.
Žofie likes beer.
Žofie lost her husband in January.
Žofie probably was not looking.
Žofie quickly ate three pears.
Žofie respects her mother.
Žofie speaks in a weird voice.
Žofie speaks slowly.
Žofie takes care of her uncle.
Žofie takes care of him.
Žofie thinks that spiders are beautiful.
Žofie thought that her love would change František.
Žofie understood that she must study more.
Žofie wanted Matěj to buy apples and pears.
Žofie wanted me to propose to her.
Žofie wants a very inexpensive apartment.
Žofie wants to be an English teacher.
Žofie was a mother of ten children.
Žofie was already married on her eighteenth birthday.
Žofie works with children.
Žofie, František, take a look at your clothes!
Žofie's cat is bigger than many dogs.
Žofie's cats will retaliate against the mice.
Žofie's husband does not know even a word of Czech.
Žofie's legs are long.
Žofie's little daughter is learning to walk.
Žofie's pink coat cost more than my motorcycle!
Žofie's spider lost his leg.


I needed a good laugh.


This was so fun to read


Thanks, that is great :)

[deactivated user]


    I can't stop laughing and being amazed XDDDDD


    I added a special sentence for František without mentioning him by name, so now he can enjoy this cultural reference even in the opposite course (where his name is not an available word):

    Měl hodně dětí a jednu starou babičku.


    As to me the main thing we should know about them is that they possess bears.


    Although František isn't as bad as Matěj, who eats cats and dogs and still wonders why women don't want him.


    František is a bad roommate who uses my spoon, but doesn't bother to clean it.

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