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"Pūlehu ka makuahine i ka ʻuala."

Translation:The mother broils the sweet potato.

March 4, 2019



And, btw, even beyond the Hawaiian terms, I really don't know the difference between bake and broil when they both show a puhi. And I've been cooking for about 100 years!


Okay I give up. I've missed this one too many times. Please tell me the difference between "bakes" and "broils" - I clearly have no clue.


Isnʻt Puhi bake and Pūlehu broil?


In the sentence just prior to this one, broil was ko'ala. How do you EVER know what kind of food prep they want?!!


Could it be using 'bake' referring to making bread and desserts, and broil for everything else? I don't know for sure, that's just my theory


Sometimes including 'the' in translation isn't necessary (for example when baking bread, ka is included but there is no the in translation), so why is it wrong here to just say "mother"?

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