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"O primeiro filho dela é um menino."

Translation:Her first child is a boy.

May 23, 2014



I got OK for "Her first son is a boy". Thanks


I know it's a weird sentence... i was like... shouldn't the context of the sentence be enough to identify that the first child is a boy?


I think eldest and oldest are the same


I know that filho (or more filhos) is used for the own childs. But because it is the first one we talk about (so in how many we are talking about: one) ... doesn't the word filho imply already that it is a male? I mean: is filho more used as son or as child?


Well, it depends

If you have just one, and she is a girl, use filha. For a boy, use filho. For children, use filhos.

Question: quantos filhos você tem?

For general sense (the case for Duo's sentence), use filho too.


Could I instead use criancas for children (with cedilha on the "c")?


For children in general, but when say they "belong" to someone, then use "Filhos".

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