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there are smart people?

I know it's weird,but I would like to write something about what I'm thinking right now,I ask to myself,if there are smart people or it's just an excuse that we use to not do something like..... you maybe think I CAN'T DO THIS CAUSE I'M NOT SMART,but just stop for a minute, and ask yourself what makes someone smart?what people do to be called of this?If I know English fluent people maybe think that I'm a smart girl (yes I'm a girl) but I'm not smart! I JUST BELIEVED IN MY DREAM AND I NEVER GAVE UP! There not smart people but people who believe in themselves and in their dreams.

Guys I'm not fluent in English,if I wrote something wrong please tell me! I'm just a lonely girl who is trying to learn English by herself!



March 4, 2019

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I totally agree with you, people are always finding excuses to not do something they would like to, it is that simple. Not much people learn English even when they go to paid courses, the reason for that is that they don't want to put some effort into it. Learning a new language is hard, it's going to take you a lot of time, you'll probably learn something using duolingo but after a while, you need to go after new content.

You're doing great and as you said, don't give up. I recommend using Anki as well if you want to see some real improvement in your language skills, and of course, listen to a lot of podcasts.

Good luck on your journey ;)


yeah people find excuses for everything and thanks for your words!


That's a Brazilian excuse to don't learn something new, because our nation is lazy. What do you write is just the reality that the people prefer don't see.


It isn't just a Brazilian excuse, a lot of people think like that...

[conta desativada]

    Everybody is a genius, but most people talk themselves into stupidity. There's exactly no difference between you and Albert Einstein. No one is smarter nor dumber than you, and once you realize that the things you use daily have been created and improved by people who are just like you, you'll start seeing things differently. To me, a smart person is someone who never gives up, knows exactly what they are about, and they are careless of outer opinions. They are in the game to get it, and they won't give up until they do.


    yes! a smart person is someone who never gives up

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