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Another dropdown suggestions: Adjectives

Great work so far on the dropdowns! Seems like there have been a few ideas from the forum implemented already.

Here's another: It would be great to have adjective dropdowns have a button which would show you all common forms of the adjective when describing masculine, feminine, and plurals thereof.

This would be very useful for those of us taking notes while we learn. This way we don't erroneously write down one single form of an adjective and assume that's how it should be applied to all forms of nouns.

The way I see this working, it could be similar to the "Conjugate" button, but would show all forms of "bel", for example: "bel (masculin, singular), belle, (feminin, plural)" etc.

My suggestion is specifically related to French, but it was suggested that this could be useful for other languages as well, so I'm posting this in the general Duolingo section.


April 9, 2013


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