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"Eine Dokumentation in Bild und Wort."

Translation:A documentary in pictures and words.

April 9, 2013



Is there a special significance in this phrase, where 'bild und wort' are 'pictures and words' ?


My question may be the same as yours, blarg, but I'm not sure if that's what you are asking. My point of contention is that Bild and Wort are both singular. Would this not sound as strange to German ears as it does in English? Unless, as danmoller says, it is a fixed idiom.

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Perhaps it's the philosophical spirit of the German language striving after the essence of things. We were just introduced to "die Kategorie", right?


I have seen this statement (or with documentary substituted for story) a few times as part of book and gallery exhibition titles. These aren't the ones I am thinking of, but here are two examples:

Bluegrass Odyssey: A Documentary in Pictures and Words, 1966-86: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1732562.Bluegrass_Odyssey.

Josef Weinheber. Eine Dokumentation in Bild und Wort - https://www.worldcat.org/title/josef-weinheber-eine-dokumentation-in-bild-und-wort/oclc/2007011


That is probably an idiom. Waiting for someone else to confirm.


I assume it is analogous to "in sight and sound"


This question has never been answered: Why Bild und Wort for pictures and words instead of Bilder und Wörter?


I guess it's because in English we use the plural, but in German they use the singular. Which means that we are translating idiomatically, which means that "words and pictures" should be accepted.


It has been answered... Everyone has clearly said it is an idiom.


No, it hasn't; no, they haven't.


I tried "words and pictures" as that sounds more natural to me, but it was marked wrong.


It's because in the initial German phrase, chronologically it goes "Bild und Wort" - "pictures and words". You could say "words and pictures" if the phrase was "Wort und Bild" I suppose ;P


True, but if you prefer to translate more idiomatically it grates on you - it's hard to put your finger on why, but 'pictures and words' sounds slightly insane to a native GB English speaker.


As opposed to a documentary that is solely pictures or words?


I pasted "in Bild und Wort" into Linguee and it gave me about a dozen examples which all basically meant "in words and pictures", not necessarily in that order. So I think we can safely say it is an idiomatic expression. In which case DL should except "in words and pictures", (being slightly more idiomatic) as the translation, even though it does not mirror the original word order. It is predictable, though that it doesn't..............yet. Keep reporting!


İn English it's more idiomatic to say "words and pictures" rather than "pictures and words". İ failed this question the first time around because of this. İt might be worth adding the more idiomatic version as a possible correct answer.


I totally agree Darren and it was my point above. An idiomatic expression in 'language A' should be translated into an idiomatic expression in 'language B'. In fact, I think it would be most helpful for DL to give us BOTH a literal AND an idiomatic version.


Warum ist 'Bild' nicht 'Bilder'?!!


According to the Oxford dictionary, a documentary is "a film or television or radio programme that provides a factual report on a particular subject", no mention of a written report. In German, this is a 'Dokumentarfilm'. Unless I'm mistaken, "Dokumentation" (depending on context 'documentation'; 'evidence'; sometimes also 'documentary account or report', as in long-format journalism) refers to something slightly different in both languages, namely either the provision or representation of evidence, analysis in document form or the written matter or instructional overview accompanying for instance a new purchase or a software projects, among other things. I do recall hearing 'Dokumentation' used once in a conversation to refer to what I at the time assumed to be a documentary, though I cannot find any justification for this link in my various dictionaries...


Never heard this "idiom" in my 26+ years


In words and pictures is the english term.


Wouldn't we normally say ...in words and pictures?


Yes, but I doubt DL would like it! The owl gets a bit uppety about order changes. I brought this subject up earlier on this page.


That "wort" sounds something like "mort" to me


Thought the same. I was wondering why she would bring murder ('Mord') into it.


I believe that is called a "nonfiction comic book".


I think that's a graphic novel?


No, a graphic novel can be fiction or not, depending on the work. Basically, a graphic novel is a term for "fancy comic book", regardless of its content (except that it's fancy).


Graphic novels aren't fancier; they're just longer.


But they are still nur Komicbucher

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