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practicing words

Wouldnt it be good if we had some mechanism that asks us some random conjugaison for a verb or meaning of an english noun in german related to the lessons that we select? i really have difficulties learning gender of nouns and conjugation of irregular verbs

April 8, 2012



Yes, I think you're right. But on the other hand, learning the gender of nouns is by far the most difficult thing in the German language. I know people that live in Germany since over 10 years and are still not sure about this, it's just kind of random. (e.g. M├Ądchen->neutrum, Tisch->masculine, Tischdecke->feminine) and everybody will be able to understand you, even if you do this wrong. On the other hand, you can try doing this on other websites or offline, find a list of some german nouns, print it out and try to practice it. But still, I think this mode should be added.


I agree with you. While I have noticed that there are questions designed to have you pick the correct conjugation, I don't feel like there is really anything that would tell a beginner in German about conjugation in the first place.

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