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  5. "ʻOno ka ʻulu pūlehu."

"ʻOno ka ʻulu pūlehu."

Translation:Roasted breadfruit is delicious.

March 4, 2019



ʻUlu / Breadfruit

It is the traditional variety of breadfruit grown through the Hawaii archipelago for centuries. It was one of the ‘canoe plants’ brought by early Polynesian settlers from the Society Islands to Hawaii centuries ago.

There are numerous chants, proverbs, and legends about breadfruit. In one famous legend, the god Ku, fell in love with a human woman, married her, and raised a family. During a time of terrible famine, he transformed himself into a breadfruit tree to feed his family. The small root shoots that grew from the tree were spread to family and friends and the source of all ‘ulu trees in the islands.

Link: https://www.slowfoodusa.org/ark-item/hawaiian-ulu


What is the difference between pūlehu and kō'ala


Pūlehu was defined earlier in this lesson as "baked/broiled/grilled." The choose one term over another, then, seems way too random to exclude either of the other choices as correct.


Roasted is another choice of random preference. Can someone help me clarify this issue?


why isn't "the boiled breadfruit is delicious" accepted?


Itʻs not boiled, itʻs broiled. It does accept "the broiled breadfruit is delicious."

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