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  5. "lIghovbe' tera'nganpu'vetlh."

"lIghovbe' tera'nganpu'vetlh."

Translation:Those Terrans do not recognize you.

March 4, 2019



I wrote "Those Terrans do not recognise you lot". I figured you had to show you knew lI- was you plural as the object.


Since English seldom bothers to show the difference, we don't require you to show the difference, but we do appreciate the attempt and have a number of differentiators entered for acceptance. However, we didn't have "you lot" in as a possibility. I have added it to this sentence now, but I don't think we have it any other sentences yet. You can either switch to "you all" (or plain "you") so you get them all correct or you can search out the sentences that are missing it and report them all so we can add it in.


"you guys" is also often accepted alongside "you all".

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