Chinese from English

I took on this course to improve my Chinese language skill and to learn the abbreviated Chinese characters. While it has been interesting it has also been very frustrating.

Firstly, there are many English grammatical errors. The most memorable one is 'My favourite animal ARE BIRDS'. I think my elementary school teacher would have a heart attack!

Secondly, sometimes it is not acceptable to have different sentence construction even though the meaning and grammar are both correct. In this regard, there are also the deviation from LITERAL translation. That means one is left to guess what is acceptable as a correct answer. Colloquial English should not play a part in this. Another example, a single sentence in Chinese with a comma is often translated into two sentences in English. This works both ways. If one does not conform, it is marked as a wrong answer. This leads me to the third problem.

Thirdly, the lack of consistency leaves me guessing. As a student I enjoy following the rules which govern the study at hand. The translation of words that are marked as wrong in one question, and I usually take note of them, even though I do not accept them, and use the corrected words for the next question, is also marked as wrong. Now I am into the real guessing game. While the alternatives are both acceptable, the marking does not indicate that, more likely reflecting the examiners' wimp!! This is a total lack of scholastic skill and one that should not be imparted to the students!

I have spent some time with this course, achieved a crown level of 440 and completed all topics at level 5. My family is thrilled that I am done with it and not be exasperated at the end of each lesson! Personally I am just happy to get back to speaking and writing English without accepting grammatical errors that are foreign to my everyday life. I have also learned not to trust any translation without being able to see the original text

March 4, 2019


Learn more German

March 4, 2019

nein, wo men bu yao

March 5, 2019

That's when you click report, specify what is incorrect, or that your answer should be correct. Someone will review your report and you'll be notified if they update your answer on that exercise. I've done it a bunch of times. No big deal. :) It's free service after all.

March 9, 2019

I agree that it's far from perfect but it's free and a good start. I quite often tap the "report" button to help improve the course. 汉语 is quite new so it's bound to have errors. If everyone just reports as much as possible it will get better every day. It's a team effort.

March 17, 2019
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