Why am I only receiving 20xp on Duolingo when I test out of an individual skill?

So normally when I test out, to level up my crown, I get 10XP for every lesson I didn't complete in that skill, which tends to add up. However, for some reason now whenever I try to test out, no matter the language, I only receive 20XP in total. This has dramatically decreased from what I would normally get for each lesson I test out of, and I don't know why it is happening. Has this happened to anyone else? I suspect I may have "maxed out" my use of this feature given I have been getting thousands of XP each day, but I don't want to lose my ever increasing XP streak I have going on. Everyday I've been getting more XP than the day before linearly, and there is no way I can continue my streak if I only get 20XP for each skill I test out of.

March 4, 2019


Yes, see here. This has been confirmed by an admin (KevinR86) that this is not a bug, and just a new update.

March 4, 2019
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