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"Ya, saya mengetahui buku itu."

Translation:Yes, I know that book.

March 4, 2019



Can someone explain the difference between this sentence and "saya tahu buku itu"?


There is no difference in meaning.

'tahu' (to know) is the base word.

'mengetahui' = base word + 'me-i' suffix.

verbs with 'me-i' suffix are transitive.
a verb like this must be followed by a direct object in the sentence.

"Saya tahu" = "I know"
"Saya mengetahui …." = "I know … "

The first sentence is okay.
The second sentence is not okay, it misses an object.
You must use something where the dots are.


It would be great if each module could be accompanied by a small explanation...

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