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  5. "buy'law' balvam."

"buy'law' balvam."

Translation:This bottle appears to be full.

March 4, 2019



Can one safely negate this law' construction using the -be' rover?
e.g.: buylaw'be' balvam 'This bottle does not appear to be full,' and buybe'law' balvam 'This bottle appears not to be full /appears to be not full' ?


I would translate both This bottle does not appear to be full and This bottle appears to be not full as buy'be'law' balvam. Both state that the bottle is not full, adding a qualification that your knowledge of that condition is not perfect. I don't know a difference in the meanings of the two English sentences.

Meanwhile buy'law'be' balvam is harder to understand. You're saying that the bottle is full, and that the knowledge is not uncertain? My best guess would be that it meant buy'bej balvam but if someone said it I would certainly query for clarification, if it seemed to matter.

Maybe if someone said, buy'law' balvam and someone else had better knowledge of the bottle they would reply buy'law'be' bal. buy'bej.


What suffix type is -law?


Verb Type 6 (Qualification).

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