"Raja adalah pemimpin saya!"

Translation:The king is my leader!

March 5, 2019

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where does all this royal stuff come from? "king", "princess", "count", etc. are royal titles and not a job description. i would suggest having a separate "bonus" section where you can learn about aristocracy instead of putting it into the regular job section. "the king is my leader" ... really?


I've been digging it. Especially "Kamu adalah ratuku." Enjoying the expressive possibilities, and appreciating the mind(s) creating this awesome free resource.


what in this sentence indicates that the king is my leader, rather than a generic "kings are my leaders"


Yes, I thought that "sang" was needed to make it "the king". At least the translation for "the king" in a later lesson is not accepted if it doesn't contain "sang".


King is not a job. It's a titel. Make a separate section for this stuff that you can learn if you want.

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