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  5. "Eu não gosto desse molho."

"Eu não gosto desse molho."

Translation:I do not like that sauce.

May 23, 2014



What is the difference between desse and the other forms of de before gosto?


Desse/deste = near the speaker.

Desse = near the listener

Daquele = away from the listener and the speaker

Disto, disso and daquilo are the neutral way

Dessa, desta, daquela are the feminine way.

To make them plural, just add an S at the end.


What is the difference between desse and deste?


deste is closest to the speaker


I put enjoy down and it marked me wrong even though it's supposed to mean like or enjoy

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These anomalies occur, unfortunately, from time to time. The best approach is to report them. In most instances Duo readily accepts alternative answers.


why not "I dislike that sauce"? It was marked wrong.


I really don't understand all this at all can someone clear all these words in this stage out for me please? :S


Desse/Dessa, Deste/Desta, Daquele/Daquela -are those have anything to do with masculine/feminine forms?

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  1. Esse - that. Desse (de + esse) - of that, from that (m).
  2. Essa - that. Dessa (de + essa) - of that, from that (f).
  3. Este - this. Deste (de + este) - of this, from this (m).
  4. Esta - this. Desta (de + esta) - of this, from this (f).

An easy rule is to swap the S and the T - esTe = thiS, esSe = thaT.

Aquele (m)/aquela (f) - that (further away). That woman - aquela mulher.

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