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"Der Großvater isst den Vogel."

Translation:The grandfather eats the bird.

April 9, 2013

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The bird could easily be a chicken or duck or turkey. If he eats it all by himself perhaps it is a Cornish hen or a quail. I had this exercise as one of the hearing ones where you have to write down in German what they are saying. At first I thought she said "Der Großvater IST den Vogel." (the grandfather IS the bird). I thought it was another crazy duolingo sentence. But then realized it would be "der Vogel" in that case. Remembering my grammar helps.


Why doesn't "den" translate to "this" here? How would you say "The grandfather eats this bird"?


Den means the. Der Großvater isst den Vogel.


Oh sorry, that wasn't your question. Der Großvater isst diesen Vogel.


Ok, thank you. But when does "den" mean "this"?


I don't think 'den' ever means 'this'. What makes you ask this?


When I hover my mouse over "den", one of the options is "this". =/

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