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  5. "You are learning words."

"You are learning words."

Translation:Tu apprends des mots.

April 9, 2013



Why can't we say "Tu apprends les mots"? I was under the impression that if no article was used in English, we should generally apply the definite article in French. Help please?


Well... I've seen that many times in the "Questions" sections. Try use this :

If it's "some words" = des mots

If it's "the words" = les mots

In this case, you are learning a undified number of words, so it's the indefinite article that is employed.


I see, thank you for your help!


The singular form would be "you are learning a word" = "tu apprends un mot"

In English, "a/an" has no plural but in French "un/un" have a plural: "des".


great, thanks a lot!

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