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Is there any way to turn off the new dictionary feature?

I used to scroll up and down my word list and click on a word and study the dictionary meaning of it which would appear as a field on the same page. This would give me the exact same information as the dictionary does now.

Since they implemented the new dictionary feature, instead of localizing it in the Labs, if I do that now the dictionary page opens with the same information as before! I have to use the browser back button to return to the word list. But now I have lost my place and now need to look for my place in the list!

This is stupid and unnecessary feature!

Is there any way in the settings somewhere, where this "dictionary" can be turned off.

I have really grown to completely despise this feature!

March 5, 2019



You can't. And you can, ya know, just not use the dictionary...?

March 5, 2019


I have become used to the feature and do it without thinking. Then I have to scramble to find where I was.

I hate the new dictionary feature, and I am starting to hate the idiot who put it in!

March 6, 2019
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