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Listening in Duolingo

I'm fluent in speaking Hindi and understanding it but I'm trying to learn Hindi characters but I can't listen most of the time :( And the only way to learn the character currently is to listen. It would be better if the Latin letter was next to the word.


March 6, 2019



Please don't add Latin characters to the Hindi in Devangari. There are several competing systems. And, many different ways to pronounce the Latin transcriptions , unless one also memorizes the transcription system, it is unhelpful.


It works in many related languages.


But it doesn't in other languages. It might as well confuse an interesting amount of learners. English would be a more appropriate choice in this case.


I realized that I encounter Hindi written in Latin script from time to time, thanks Facebook friends and your Hinglish. On my laptop, Google Input Tools are easiest to use by typing Latin characters and selecting the closest Devangari word. BUT, there are several competing standards for the transcription system, and the "correct" one has been debated for a long time (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Devanagari_transliteration).

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