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  5. "The test is on Monday."

"The test is on Monday."

Translation:Aia ka hōʻike ma ka Pōʻakahi.

March 6, 2019



I can never seem to understand this word order :/


The verb comes first in Hawaiian, then the subject (the person or thing doing the verb), then subjects and locations and such. "Aia" is basically a verb meaning to be located somewhere in place or time. "Ka hō'ike" is the subject, the thing being located somewhere/somewhen. "Ma ka Pō'akahi" is a location in time. Thus this Hawaiian sentence means something like "Is located - the test - on Monday." "Aia" is often simple translate as "is" (though it should only be used for marking location in space and time and never for equating two things or using an adjective), but sometimes is translated as "There is" (in which case English word order changes to match more closely to the Hawaiian word order.

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