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"Benih buah ini tidak boleh dibawa ke bulan."

Translation:This fruit seed may not be brought to the moon.

March 6, 2019



Boleh (verb) : may, can, allow. Boleh (adverb) : allowable, inbanningable.

So in this sentence, the word “boleh” doesn’t stand as verb but adverb. Boleh (verb) is basic word (i.g., to allow, to permit). If you make it as verb you have to add “mem-“ and “-kan” in the verb. So, membolehkan /mem-boleh-kan/ and memperbolehkan /mem-per-boleh-kan/. Both words have different meaning.

If you wanna make it (boleh) as noun you just need to add “ke-“ and/or “-an”. Kebolehan /ke-boleh-an/ Bolehan /boleh-an/

If you learn Indonesian you must ready for plenty of affixes, infixes, etc.


These fruit seeds are not allowed to bring to the moon should be accepted.

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