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  5. "I did not order bread."

"I did not order bread."

Translation:Saya tidak memesan roti.

March 6, 2019



Why is the word memesan and not pesan ?


'pesan' (noun) is the base word.
By using the 'me-' prefix, the base word is converted into a verb.

[base word] + [me-] = (verb)
'pesan' ==> 'memesan'.

When converting a base word into a 'me-' verb, the new word sometimes need to be 'conjugated'.
It depends on the starting letter of the base word if "me-" needs to be 'conjugated'.
The conjugation table looks like this :

Starting letter base word Conjugation
l, m, n, r, w Me + base
vowel, g, h Me + ng
c, d, j Me + n
b, f, v Me + m
k Me + ng – k
t Me + n – t
s Me + ny – s
p Me + m – p
monosyllabic Me + nge +base

For example :
lihat ==> melihat
ajar ==> mengajar
cuci ==> mencuci
baca ==> membaca
kejar ==> mengejar
tarik ==> menarik
sapu ==> menyapu
pilih ==> memilih
cat ==> mengecat


So is 'pesan' actually wrong here? What did you order = pesan (no object) I ordered bread = memesan. Correct?

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