"Tumbuhan ini tidak berbahaya."

Translation:This plant is not dangerous.

March 6, 2019

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Tumbuh = to grow

Tumbuhan (noun) /tumbuh-an/ = plant

Menumbuhkan (transitive verb) /men-tumbuh-kan/ = to make something grow

Pertumbuhan (noun) /per-tumbuh-an/ = growth

Bertumbuh (intransitive verb) /ber-tumbuh/ = to grow

Bertumbuhan (verb) /ber-tumbuh-an/ = to grow everywhere

Menumbuhi (transitive verb) /men-tumbuh-i/ = to grow on


You're awesome, dude! It would be nice to have resources like this for all Indonesian words. The geek squad at wiktionary is working on it... I'm trying to find an Indonesian etymological dictionary... (It's helpful when learning a language to know the origin of words)


could it be these plants are not dangerous?

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