"Hewan ini hanya makan tumbuhan."

Translation:This animal only eats plants.

March 6, 2019

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Animal (noun) = hewan or binatang


"This animal eats plants only" not accepted??


While technically correct, your sentence sounds very unnatural. "Only" is one of those terms that works better when it's not at the end of the sentence.

The two best options for English here are "This animal only eats plants" or "This animal eats only plants"

Your suggested "This animal eats plants only" is next in line, after those two. It's correct, but should be avoided except in very formal situations.

Another possibility is "Only plants does this animal eat", but this one sounds extremely forced and not at all natural for English speakers.

Sorry for going on so much... But yes, try to keep "only" away from the very end. Selamat belajar!

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