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Progress bars don’t match

I posted this in the discussion for the announcement on the new progress system, but perhaps it belongs here.

I have found that often times the progress bar shown on the tree for a skill does not match the progress bar shown on the blue "Practice skill" button inside the skill.

This comes up when I want to fill up the bar and after completing a round of practice on the skill, the blue progress bar is full, but when I go back to the tree, it will still have one or two segments missing, and it is not clear what needs to be practiced to fill it up. It seems that both bars should match. Am I missing something? Otherwise, I really like this change.

April 9, 2013


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The blue progress you see in the skill is the average strength of the words that you've learned so far in that skill. The progress bar you see in the skill tree is the average strength over all of the words in that skill. If you haven't learned a word in the skill we treat that word as having zero strength.

If you've only done one lesson, then your blue progress bar can be completely full but your skill tree progress probably won't appear more than 1/2 or 1/4 full (as most skills have more than 2 lessons).

They will match once you've learned all of the lessons in the skill. Let us know if you have done all of the lessons and they still don't match!


What you said about skills in progress, but I've been going back to remaster previously mastered skills, so I've only been noticing this with completed skills.

I took a few screen shots: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/oldaldgoqy1j9p6/nWQbxMPKQo/Duolingo

The first is one I just noticed today (in Spanish People), where the blue button shows a lower level than the the skill tree. For the second set (Spanish Numbers), I had just practiced one of the lessons, causing the blue bar to fill up, but the bar on the skill tree still only has 3 of the 4 segments filled in.

I have figured out that the skill tree bar doesn’t like it when any of the lessons only have 2 segments or fewer filled in, but it still seems like the blue bar should match the skill tree bar. Am I missing something?

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