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Duolingo Duel suggestion

I had a fun idea (for people who like a little 'challenge' on duolingo) their could be a button that said 'duolingo duel' and you could click on it and challenge your friend/friends to a duolingo duel (aka everybody get words and the first person to win gets a bonus of five skill points,

I think it would be fun!

April 9, 2013



We don't need Duolingo to battle. Meet me on the wrong side town in a back alley at midnight. You better be packing because I will be packing a Spanish/English dictionary. Be prepare for no holes barred combat. I will show no mercy, you can expect a steady stream of rarely used idiomatic phrases.


i think that would be really cool


Wohhhh Cool Idea, I really like this idea!


Neat Idea @catsarecool22 I'd be interested in seeing this come out as well, I'm not much of a competitive person but I do like learning things with people and more creative ways to use duolingo,


good idea =) but you wouldn't see me ever leave Duo without winning a duel, lol


very fun indeed


I've been hoping for this feature too!! :D It could be based on "practice all skills", so we can challenge friends learning any language at any level.. I love the ideal of battling against someone who's also online and the better I do, the more hearts I take away from the other person (and vice versa; maybe we need more hearts for this :P), so it's really interactive!

Or it could be a turn-by-turn type battle.. maybe best of three/five (standard sets of 20 questions)?


actually, "practice all skills" could give an unfair advantage users who are further along the tree.. maybe practice past 5 skills/20 lessons would be better :)

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