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March 6, 2019

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hello, are you ok? how was your carnival?

I'm fine. My carnaval was very quiet. I live in Paris, so there not too much party in this time here. How about you?

Hi. okay? I'll follow you, will you?

Hi, I'm following you too. thanks! Are you from Brazil?

Hello, yes.... I'm from são Paulo city! And you?

Hello, how are you doing?

Hello friends. Nice to meet you. we go talk english rsrsrs

Nice to meet you. Let's talk english. It's my whats number +33 0601887048, Let's chat there

i live in Belo Horizonte. and you?? are you from? what you do?

Hi, I live in Paris. I study here. How about you?

Hi. I´m fine. I study here too. I like soccer, i am Cruzeiro fan and i love watching moves on Netflix or internet.

Nice. I'm corintians fan. So what do you study in Paris?

Hello! My friend

Hi. How are you?

Hello Friend! How are you? My name is Lídia, i'm from Brazil.

i dont know what talk about

I am Brazilian and I am studying the English, currently live in the United States if someone wants to form a group in WhatsApp to all practice and so me add + 12033007931 my name and Cadu

hi Cadu. Nice to meet you, my name is Rodrigo. i´m some time here, studying. i think that be very nice practice english with you and other people. if you form a group in whatsapp, invite me please, my cellphone number is +55 31 993537168. Thanks.

Hey, it's my first week in here, how are you?

Hi friend! How ye doing?

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