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  5. "Esther has married Rashidi"

"Esther has married Rashidi"

Translation:Esther ameolewa na Rashidi

March 6, 2019



For some reason my brain keeps thinking Ameolewa as in "she has been getting drunk" XD Amelewa means she is drunk but my brain just keeps getting confused and shocked that being married and being drunk is so close related. haha


You just made remembering that word much easier!


Irritating. There is no way to say that Esther has married Rashidi (a while ago) == Esther aliolewa na Rashidi or that Esther has just married Rashidi == Esther ameolewa na Rashidi... In English, neither is implicit in the form 'has married'...this is poor form ...


If it was a while ago I'd expect Esther married Rashidi. The 'has' to me implies it is recent.


In my opinion the Swahili sentence is not the correct translation of the English original.

Esther has married Rashidi = Esther ameoa Rashidi

To get the translation which has been marked as correct the English original should be "Esther has been married by Rashidi". Or am I wrong?


You are right


If the verb is passive, and Esther performed the action, should the answer be "Rashidi ameolewa na Esther"?


The English should be Esther has been married by Rashidi

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