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  5. "In one hour and a half"

"In one hour and a half"

Translation:Dans une heure et demie

April 9, 2013



Why does demie have an "e" here and not when we say "demi-heure" ? Thanks!


When "demi" is placed after a noun, it agrees with that noun because the meaning is that half of the same thing is added:

  • une heure et demie (heure is feminine)
  • un mois et demi (mois is masculine).

When "demi" is placed in front of the noun with a hyphen, it remains invariable:

  • une demi-heure
  • un demi-mois


Is this true with all hyphenated words? That they they always keep their gender when placed before the noun?


Unfortunately not all of them... because their content varies (noun-noun, adjective-noun, preposition-noun...)

This page will tell you more about this: Gender of French compound nouns


That's actually a very good question, as I've never wondered that in 24 years !

I think (but that just an assumption) that it's because of the dash : it makes only one word, and it could not be needed to accord with "heure". But if someone can confirm, it would be good.


Why ‘‘En une heure et demie’’ is not in the answer list ? Or,what is the difference between en and dans ?


"en une heure et demie" is a duration: je peux faire ce travail en une heure et demie.

"dans une heure et demie" is a date: (it is 2pm) je peux faire ce travail dans une heure et demie (at 3:30pm)


As I would translate your first example as "I can do that work in one hour and a half," should <<en une heure et demie>> be accepted as an alternative, but still correct answer? (I submitted my answer as one that should be correct to Duolingo, like they want us to)


Merci! C'est une explication très util.e.


Dear french language: Why do you do these things?


Could you say "Á une heure et demie"?


So if both en and dans mean in, then should duolingo accept en? I don't know if I'm just confused!


Je vais être ici dans une heure et demie. Is that I'm going to be here for an hour and a half?

Je vais être ici en une heure et demie. Is that I'll be back in an hour and a half?

Am I right?


Just realised that I've got them the wrong way round. Or so I think....


You've got them backwards.

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