"This is between me and them."

Translation:Isto é entre mim e eles.

April 9, 2013

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Question, in portuguese does it matter if you say "mim" first or after? In spanish you say "eles e mim", " mim" wpuld not go before "eles/elas"


I think it's matter of euphony. You can switch the pronouns, but it's unusual because it does not sound good.


Entre "MIM e ELES" ! "Mim" first is right !


i wrote este instead of isto and got marked wrong ? the solution said it should be êsta. why is este wrong ?


Same for me: "Este é entre mim e eles" is marked wrong.
I reported it as isto/este/esta all mean "this"


Yes, "este" is not corret here. "Este" is used to refer to a masculine noun, which is not the case here. "Isto" is neutral.


Thanks for your quick feedback Paulenrique.

I believe to remember (window / excercise is closed already) that the corrected solution suggested "Esta é entre mim e eles", when I entered my (marked wrong) Este sentence.

If I run over this sentence again in the next excercises, I will then report that as an error!

Is there any way that you could double check if "Esta" was incorrectly added as an "accepted answer" or why it showed up as a suggested (alternative) answer solution?


Unfortunately, I can't do it =/ But of course "este" and "esta" are wrong answers...

You can say "Este assunto/Esta situação é entre mim e ele" because you add a noun. Without a noun, you have to use "Isto".


Why not "isto ESTA entre mim e eles"?


That could also be accepted, no problem. But I'd use the sentence as Duo stated to refer that you don't need to worry about my problem because "isto é entre mim e eles". The meaning would be different.

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What is wrong in " é entre mim e eles" ? Is this about "it" and "this" translation?


Probably. DL would use "it is..." to translate your suggestion.


"Esta" é um pronome de indicação. Poderia ser usado o termo "Está" - Que se situa o verbo - estar - conjugado na terceira pessoa do singular. Ou seja:

Isso estÁ entre mim e eles.


Isto é entre eu e eles . ( Native Portuguese)


Even though it is used in spoken language, "entre eu e eles" is grammatically incorrect.


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