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"Saya perlu rekening bank untuk membuka usaha."

Translation:I need a bank account to open a business.

March 6, 2019



Is "usaha" the same as "perusahaan"?


Is "rekening" always strictly associated with banks? Looked it up and "account" also means "akun". When do you use "akun"? Is "hydro account" -> "rekening listrik" or "akun istrik"?


hydro = water.
What is hydro-account ?
Water account ?
What is a water account ?
In which part of the world is that used ?


My questions were (see above): 1) Is "rekening" always strictly associated with banks? 2) Looked it up and "account" also means "akun". When do you use "akun"?

I am glad you asked about hydro. It is a short for hydroelectricity (listrik) and the term, I believe, is used in English speaking countries. In some countries people also pay for water utility and you pay the bill usually through an account with the municipal government.


I am in Australia we have a lot of hydroelectricity here! In Australia we have accounts with utility companies. We pay them for our water. They are a regional institution rather than a municipal institution.

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