"Saya perlu rekening bank untuk membuka usaha."

Translation:I need a bank account to open a business.

March 6, 2019

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Is "usaha" the same as "perusahaan"?


A native Indonesian here!

There are 2 meanings of usaha: 1. Effort 2. Business

In this context, (buka) usaha is the same as perusahaan.


Ooo.. terima kasih. I'm from Malaysia, at first I thought usaha is effort. Business in malay is perusahaan/perniagaan


Is "rekening" always strictly associated with banks? Looked it up and "account" also means "akun". When do you use "akun"? Is "hydro account" -> "rekening listrik" or "akun istrik"?


hydro = water.
What is hydro-account ?
Water account ?
What is a water account ?
In which part of the world is that used ?


My questions were (see above): 1) Is "rekening" always strictly associated with banks? 2) Looked it up and "account" also means "akun". When do you use "akun"?

I am glad you asked about hydro. It is a short for hydroelectricity (listrik) and the term, I believe, is used in English speaking countries. In some countries people also pay for water utility and you pay the bill usually through an account with the municipal government.


I am in Australia we have a lot of hydroelectricity here! In Australia we have accounts with utility companies. We pay them for our water. They are a regional institution rather than a municipal institution.

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