"Banyaknya penjualan akan mendorong keuntungan."

Translation:The amount of sales will boost profit.

March 6, 2019

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"The /volume/ of sales...."


Is"jumlah" a synonym for "banyankya"? Also, just so I am clear, if "banyaknya" translates as "amount", then should we think of it as a noun?


I also used jumlah here. This is the first time I have ever heard banyak used in this way


"Jumlah penjualan" is a natural collocation. Satu Data Indonesia (the department of stats) provides nationwide stats datasets on its website, one of which is titled "Jumlah Penjualan Ternak Bulan April Tahun 2020" (= The total amount of sales in the Indonesian livestock market in April 2020). You can find similar phrases in business reports as well. But Duolingo simply hasn't accepted "jumlah" as an alternative answer yet...

Re: "banyaknya", the same Satu Data Indonesia has a dataset called "Banyaknya Penjualan Benda Pos dan Meterai di PT. Pos Indonesia Magelang, 2010-2020" (= Number of Sales of Postal and Stamp Items at PT. Pos Indonesia Magelang, 2010-2020).

Both "banyaknya" and "jumlah" in this context are vague whether they are talking about total sales amount (in IDR or in USD) or total number in units sold (100 cars, 1000 pens).

The "-nya" suffix here is "the amount" or "the number". For example, "Banyaknya neuron dalam otak kita, sama dengan banyaknya bintang di galaksi Bima Sakti" = "The number of neurons in our brain is equal to the number of stars in the Milky Way" (retrieved from the University of Leipzig Indonesian Corpus).

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