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How are these words used in a sentence and in what context do I use them for? Agar and Agak

March 7, 2019



KBBI definition 'agak'

1 n perkiraan; persangkaan:
-- hati saya ia tidak dapat datang malam ini;
2 adv kira-kira; lebih kurang; barang (dalam arti lebih kurang):
ia akan pergi -- dua minggu;
3 adv sedikit:
-- jauh juga rumahnya;

In the 1st definition (noun), it has the meaning of 'assumption/presumption/thought'.
In the 2nd definition (adverb), it has the meaning of 'approximately/more or less'.
In the 3rd definition (adverb), it has the meaning of 'rather, somewhat, a little bit'.

In this course, 'agak' is mostly used as an adverb (2nd and 3rd definition).
KBBI example sentences 2&3:
'Ia akan pergi agak dua minggu' = 'He will leave in approximately two weeks.'
'Agak jauh juga rumahnya' = His/Her/The house is also rather far away.'

As you can see in the last example, it can also function as an adverb, by modifying another adjective (agak jauh).

KBBI definition 'agar'

p kata penghubung untuk menandai harapan; supaya:
kita sebaiknya banyak makan sayuran -- selalu sehat

'agar' is a conjunction word, used to connect two clauses.
'agar' = 'supaya' = so that, in order to.
'Kita sebaiknya banyak makan sayuran agar selalu sehat' =
'We should eat vegetables so that we are always healthy.'

'Saya makan banyak agar menjadi lebih gemuk.' =
'I eat a lot so that I become fatter.'

'Saya mencuci pakaian saya agar bersih lagi' =
'I wash my clothes so that they're clean again.'


The main way I've heard agak is translatable as "kinda" or "a bit".

Aku agak lapar = I'm kinda hungry.

You don't use this in negative sentences. Instead you use "tidak begitu" (or if you're me and my only practice partner is my wife "gak gitu"

Aku gak gitu lapar = I'm not very hungry

"Agar" I can't be much help with.


agak - kinda agar - so that

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