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100 Days

So 100 days ago, sometime in mid-February, I opened up my Duolingo app and starting learning Portuguese.

It wasn't the first time I'd heard of Duo. I found it before then and was using it to supplement my French classes, but eventually just stopped using it until February.

I still remember that first day of learning Portuguese as I flew through all of the beginning skills. It was such a rush to learn all of it, and by dinner I could name all of the food I was eating in Portuguese. And I'm happy to say that 100 days later, that rush is still there. It's amazing how much I've learned, and how much you're able to learn from this website.

Duolingo has also helped me realize how much I love learning languages. Sure, I'm not the best, but that's what learning is for. To improve. So I'd just like to say thanks to the creators of Duolingo and all of the amazing community members who have answered countless questions of mine.

4 years ago


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I reached 100 today, too. Congratulations! And nice to hear appreciation for the Duo folk--they don't get enough!

4 years ago


Wow, congrats! 100 is a long time; I don't know how anyone manages to make it up to 365 or more! I just lost my 25 day streak today (personal record so far... I was too hyped after watching the new X-Men movie that I totally forgot about learning Italian. Oops! ).

4 years ago

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Unfortunately, I was not able to keep my day streak. But exactly a month ago I've heard about duolingo and decided I wanted to learn Italian! It still amazes me how much I've learned in so little time. I'm really grateful to duolingo for that 'cause I've been wanting to learn Italian for a while! I feel the same rush you've mentioned! The more I learn, the more I want to learn!

I'm happy to see you're taking your Portuguese studies so seriously! It's amazing how this app can incentive us to learn!

Espero que você continue aprendendo e tirando o melhor do que esse aplicativo pode te oferecer! Parabéns pelo esforço, pois sei o quanto a nossa língua pode ser difícil de ser aprendida. Com as milhares de regras gramaticais complexas que temos, até mesmo para um nativo é quase impossível falar totalmente correto. Então, não desanime se você cometer um erro aqui ou ali, mesmo que pareça um erro bobo. Nossa língua é uma das mais difíceis de se adquirir fluência. Se você conseguir se comunicar, já vai estar saindo no lucro!

Um forte abraço e bons estudos!

4 years ago


Obrigada! Sim, acho que essa lingua é muito difícil, mas muito bonita quando falado. Eu sempre fui monolingue e eu espero ser fluente em outro idioma--português. (Por favor me correto se erro. :))

4 years ago