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  5. "She used to eat oranges."

"She used to eat oranges."

Translation:वह संतरे खाती थी।

March 7, 2019



could you use वह or यह ?


Yes. You can report if both are not accepted.


Please write English of this sentence


What would the sentence be in Hindi to mean She ate oranges? How do you know when to use the past tense or 'used to'?


The tense form in this sentence is used for regular or habitual events in the past. It has the same construction as the simple present but you replace है/हैं/हूँ/हो with था/थे/थी/थीं. It is not treated as a separate tense in English but talked about using 'used to' or 'would'.

'She ate oranges' would be 'उसने संतरे खाये'. This is in the preterite (simple past) tense and is used for completed events in the past. You'll encounter this tense in the 'Past 2' lesson.

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