"मेरे चाचा और चाची दिल्ली से हैं।"

Translation:My uncle and aunt are from Delhi.

March 7, 2019

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I just wrote "My uncle and aunty are from Delhi" and it's rejected my answer for using "aunty" instead of "aunt". Why?!!!


I wrote auntie instead of aunt and it was rejected. Why?


"My uncle and my aunt are from Delhi " is marked as wrong, is this not correct english ?


It's correct English but that's not what's said here, you have to drop the second "my," as "मेरे" is only used once.


i wrote 'my aunt and uncle are from delhi', it says its wrong when it means the same thing.....and its correct english


It's understandable that it rejects it I think, because it is a different order. (If it said सेब और जेला and we submitted banana and apple, I think that's clearly wrong.)

Hindi speakers using the course to learn English though should note that 'aunt and uncle' is a more natural order, in British English at least.


Mausa..Buua..Chachi..These are all aunts?


Yes, and मामी & ताई, depending on which parent's sister they are, or which parent's brother's wife they are, (and his relative age if he's पिता के भाई).

Nice graphic here which explains it (and other relations): https://www.reddit.com/r/Hindi/comments/nn745f/names_of_family_relationships_in_hindi/

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