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"मेरे चाचा और चाची दिल्ली से हैं।"

Translation:My uncle and aunt are from Delhi.

March 7, 2019



Isn't your father's uncle your paternal uncle?


Your father's uncle is your (paternal) great uncle.

Paternal/maternal refers to whether it's on your father or mother's side, not that it's their relationship.

Perhaps a clearer example: your paternal grandfather is your father's father, not your father's grandfather.


i wrote 'my aunt and uncle are from delhi', it says its wrong when it means the same thing.....and its correct english


It's understandable that it rejects it I think, because it is a different order. (If it said सेब और जेला and we submitted banana and apple, I think that's clearly wrong.)

Hindi speakers using the course to learn English though should note that 'aunt and uncle' is a more natural order, in British English at least.


It said I wrong wrong because I didn't put the full stop at the end


"My uncle and my aunt are from Delhi " is marked as wrong, is this not correct english ?


It's correct English but that's not what's said here, you have to drop the second "my," as "मेरे" is only used once.


I wrote auntie instead of aunt and it was rejected. Why?

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