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  5. "My mother has a horse."

"My mother has a horse."

Translation:Shimá łį́į́ʼ bee hólǫ́.

March 7, 2019



My keyboard cannot do both accents


I finally figured out how to get my phone to most accents, but does not do all, so i am stuck too. It will not let me advance!


Im stuck my keyboard doest have accents


Cannot type in the words I need too. Stuck here.


I had to copy and paste the spelling for horse since the symbols do not seem to contain the last symbol. WTF?


Hi guys this how you clear this stage with an european keyboard, I can only guess that the way I write it was only confirmed right, because of the apostroph same as the letters for it causes a pronounciation that somehow matches the original words too obviously. But here try it yourself " Shima Li'i' béé hóló. " Ahééhe guys


I cant type those accents


I have trouble getting my Navajo keyboard to type the name of horse the way Duolingo wants? I keep getting the one letter wrong. Thank you for your help.


I think there's a bug there.


There is a forum with all the words from Navajo that i just copy paste anything with accented diacriticals. You can get the ł from a Polish keyboard.


The grading on this one complained that what I typed for horse, łį́į́ʼshould instead be łííʼ, but here on the topic page it matches what I typed, which is also what all the other horse questions ask for. So I think there's a bug in the grading on this one.


No nasal vowel key :(


What is the correct word for, 'horse'?

Thank you for your help.


My keyboard can't do two diacritical marks on one letter, but the program eventually accepted this version: Shimá łį'į' bee hóló'.


I was able to pass with shimá li'i' bee holó'.

[deactivated user]

    łí'í' is accepted


    wrote "shimá bee łį́į́' hólǫ́" but I have no idea why this is wrong. Why does bee come before łį́į́ʼ ?


    " Shimá L'i'i béé hóló " thanks jacklumber3, that made it work, lets keep goin.

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