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Dear Duolingo: Updated

Could you please consider adding japanese to your 'stories' lab? maybe a user-created one? (although if you don't i understand) also, i don't know if you have like a 'native toddler' simplicity level, but that also would probably be useful in stories. thank you for taking the time to read this post! -N


also it would be cool if you could add like a stroke order type of question to your lessons, like, there could be three different stroke orders for the same kanji ( or kana) , and you click the one that is right. although that might be to much difficulty, so maybe it could have its own separate tree!

March 7, 2019



I agree with this, that would be really beneficial!

[deactivated user]

    Totally agree with you! it'd be amazing to have stories in Japanese to practice with ^^


    Sakamoto san! :D


    10/10 Agree I speak like a person who can't speak japanese.


    I'm hoping that stories is a new thing and that they are still adding to them. But yes, Japanese stories would be amazing!

    Please and thank you AKA よろしくお願いします <3


    good point, they might just have not gotten to japanese yet!


    Yes, I would love Japanese stories!!! :D


    that would be so good


    Thumbs up I agree! I have been thinking about them having a story for Japanese also.


    Pika pikachuuuu!

    Maybe they can have a funny story about the taste of Nattou! xP


    I agree! 100%! I hope they are reading us^^ =)


    If they don't add Japanese stories, you could try Beelinguapp - I haven't read anything there because my Japanese sucks but maybe some of you could try.. ^^


    34 days and already level 13 ... wow :-)


    Hiiiii Akira, how's your Lucky Channel going? :P

    Japanese stories would really be fun, considering how fun the French stories were!

    Haha, regarding your interest in Kana/Kanji stroke order, I think it is currently out of scope of Duolingo... I personally suggest an app called "Kanji Study" (available on Android and Apple), it is really epic, the free version has Kana, all the radicals and certain Kanji. Check it out and let me know if you like it. :)


    If you're looking for a resource to help with stroke order, you can also look for "Remembering the Kanji" from James Heisig (There's also "Remembering the Katakana/Hiragana" as well).


    Totally agree with you, it becames too hard for me since the crowns reign


    100 and 10 % It would help a lot!!!!


    please god have this


    100% agree that would be vv nice :3

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