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Working with languages that have different writing systems

I teach in English, but our community has a large Asian population (mostly Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean), and the school itself has a large international program, also populated by students primarily from these areas. We would like to give our students the ability to use Duolingo to work with these languages in the classroom, but they all use writing systems totally unsuited to our Chromebooks. Other than keeping an online translator open to copy/paste the characters, what might we do to facilitate this? Is anyone else running classes with different alphabets/writing systems? What tools do you use?

March 7, 2019



You can use different keyboard languages on a chromebook, https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=chromebook+chinese+keyboard

You might need to teach your students how to use those keyboard systems, though, if they haven't used them before.


That's a great startpoint for us. Thank you so much!

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