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  5. "the men and the women"

"the men and the women"

Translation:loDpu' be'pu' je

March 7, 2019



What is the difference between "loDpu'" and "lodpu'"? I noticed they both appeared in the pool of choices.

March 7, 2019


In Klingon, some letters are only ever given as a capital letter. The Klingon D is pronounced differently from the English "d" and it is capitalized to try to remind you that it is different. In Klingon it is never written with the lower case "d". However, Duolingo's software was not created with languages like Klingon in mind and there are parts of the software that recapitalize letters sometimes. It has also caused problems for the German course which has certain words that must always be capitalized. Sometimes it recapitalizes all the wrong answers, which is a shame because then it's easy to spot the correct answer, since it is the only one with correct capitalization. Worse yet, sometimes it only recapitalizes the right answer, making it now an incorrect answer and resulting in no correct answers.

My suggestion is that you continue to try to learn correct Klingon capitalization yourself, but when you spot a sentence in Duo that seems to be miscapitalized, but the miscapitalization is the only error, assume that it was improperly miscapitalized and just ignore that error.

March 7, 2019
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