Forced to update app today. Typing is ... gone?

I was forced to update the app for Android today. Okay, I figured, bite the bullet, get onboard; it's been a long time.

At first, it looked pretty good. Resembles the website, has a more consistent polish, etc. But after I did my practice, and then another, and another... and another, I realized something -- typing in answers seems to be completely gone, now. I checked settings, but that wasn't it. Again, I've been using an app that was probably 2 years old (just a guess). Has this drastic a change really taken place and I missed the fanfare/riots?

Duo? ** You're going in some really wacky directions, lately, my friend. Yes, you're "only following the metrics!" I understand. Skipping all other recent issues that have become debate, though: Have you really eliminated typing from tests? Maybe it's just my opinion, but this doesn't teach nearly as well. It's like asking us to become olympic swimmers by wading in the kiddie pool. It's like expecting us to win the Tour de France after learning on a tricycle. It's like,... well, you get it, I hope.

Multiple choice doesn't teach, much. Why? Because the wrong answers are generally (cough, always?) horribly, obviously, wrong*

Assemble-the-sentence questions teach perhaps a bit better, but still not much. Why? Because however you slice it, the answer is still right in front of us. Often, between zero and two words are left at the end, making the answer obvious.

These methods don't help us remember; they don't help us spell; they don't test our ability to decline, etc.

Duo, please don't continue down this road of effortless user-numbers-maximizing non-learning. A brain needs to be challenged in order to learn.

PS: For the metrics, I did more practice than usual today, but don't kid yourself. It wasn't about the slick new experience. The reason is spelled out above (spoiler: I was trying to find typing).

*I did have one multiple choice that forced me to select the correct adjective ending among four closely-matched (and valid) options, and I was thankful to see it

March 7, 2019


A popular workaround:

  • Use in your device's browser
  • in the lessons:
    Select "Use keyboard" instead of "Use word banks" (on the bottom of the web page)
March 7, 2019

Are you on skill level 1?

On mine on iOS I have a button on mine in skill levels 2-5 where I can toggle word tiles or typing. Skill level 1 I have no choice.

I do still get 1-2 multiple choice per lesson.

In practice I have no option.

Not sure if any of this helps you.

I actually tried a level where I'm full gold/level 5. Didn't matter--no typing.

In my experience, practice in crown level 5 will give you only lessons at crown level 0 and 1 instead of lessons at crown level 4!

Thanks for the links. Reading through it got me thinking about it -- mainly because they kept drawing attention to this by their suggestions -- one of the biggest problems with this design/implementation is that they don't offer Practice until you complete level 5. They state that we don't have to go up if we aren't ready or don't want to, and that they don't even suggest we do.... But then, we can't practice the skills without working toward level. Suppose I want or need to stay at level 3 for a while. By current design (without duome's help) I'd have to either keep going forward toward level 4 or walk away from the unit or just hope that the pot luck main Practice button would by chance give me exactly what I want and need (which it doesn't do well at all).

They need to provide Start and Practice buttons at all levels, not just when we're fished a level.

Hi Pentaan,

the user c5nest has posted about the same problem in the "Practice mode too easy" thread:$comment_id=31181461

Is this any related to the XP cap code change according to your experience?

Hi Thomas,

1) "Practice mode too easy" thread
2) Is this any related to the XP cap code change according to your experience?

1) Duolingo's "general practice mode" was also useless in the pre-crown methode (Spaced Repetition method).
That's why I always used

Never do a general strengthen unless all skills are already at a strength of 100% (currently, only visible in

2) I consider the change in XP cap code by Duolingo's staff as a lazy, inefficient workaround for the main problem:
"Testing out of an individual skill" does not give the most difficult lessons of that skill, such as .....

  • optimal variation in words, sentences and grammar
  • in crown level 1-4 (and 5):
    only translations into the target language
  • in crown level 3 + 4 (and 5):
    only "use keyboard" instead of "use word banks"

I see loads of translation challenges that require typing the answers. With the new(ish) crown system, you'll get fewer of them at lower crown levels. You'll have to type more as you progress to higher levels.

I am on iOS and I have only just got typing back as an option even at higher levels. Until about a week ago every iOS app update for me maintained answering with word bank only in my target language. (Plenty of typing in English!!)

This week I once again have the option to choose between typing and word bank. I am very happy that is back because it is making me use my brain again!!

Do you know the old version of the previous Android app?

You can downgrade by manually installing this APK file locally.

I actually have the version archived, but it doesn't matter--the app refuses to run, saying it's no longer supported.

It may not solve your current issue, but you could retry with earlier Android V3.72.2 and V3.80.2 versions.

Both versions do not support the new "mobile grammar notes" or the new Duolingo Plus button to download all lessons for a single course (all skills)!

Background informations about the Android apps:

What's new on the 3.90.1 update?:

Not sure if there are more recent threads discussing newer Android app versions.

I type lessons on iPhone. Is this an android issue?

What crown level are you on? There seems to be more typing as you go up the crowns.

Crown 4, right out the gates I had to type.

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