"Tini sweeps so that Tini's house is clean."

Translation:Tini menyapu sehingga rumah Tini bersih.

March 8, 2019

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Tini has a mental disorder


This is a strange way to say it in English. If you say the person's name at the beginning of the sentence, it is almost never used again like this. Instead you would use a pronoun, his/her/their. The only reason this would be said in English is if you are talking about a lot of people and the pronouns become confusing, unclear, or vague.

Is this also true in Indonesian, or would this sentence be natural?


I think it is Tini who is saying this sentence ^^


Can supaya also be used in place of sehingga?


Can jadi also be used instead of sehingga, or even "Tini menyapu agar rumah Tini bersih."


In everyday colloquial speech: yes.
In the formal style : no.

'jadi' is a verb and not a conjunction word.

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