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"As soon as you see the enemy, fire!"

Translation:jagh DaleghDI' yIbaH!

March 8, 2019



I put, "jagh SuleghDI', tIbaH."


And that would be wrong.

Su- indicates that there is no object for the verb, but there is one -- it's jagh.

And tI- indicates that there is a plural object -- but there isn't any object in that sentence at all.

If you are talking to several people, it would have to be jagh boleghDI', pebaH!

(bo- "subject: you [plural]; object = him/her/it/them"; pe- "subject: you [plural]; no object; imperative)


Thank you. But it still makes sense to say, "... tIbaH." What if you were firing at a platoon?


You aren't "firing the platoon" -- the people aren't the direct object of the verb.

"Fire them!" (them = the missiles etc.) would be tIbaH. But that's not what the English sentence said.

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