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  5. "ja'chuq HoDpu' Sa'pu' je."

"ja'chuq HoDpu' Sa'pu' je."

Translation:The captains and the generals spoke with each other.

March 8, 2019



I put, "Captains and generals conferred with each other."


I see no report for that version in the backend.


I don't know what the backend is, but I guess that "Captains and generals conferred with each other." is correct.


This kind of report is more confusing than helpful. Are you celebrating or complaining? Was the sentence accepted or rejected? Did you also hit the report button? What exactly are you trying to say about this sentence?


Sorry. No, I didn't report it. Exactly, I don't understand why my translation, "Captains and generals conferred with each other." was not accepted.


Ok. I've added it in and it should be accepted now. We have to individually add in all the variations and sometimes variations get missed. If you think you have an error free variation that got missed, please hit the report flag and select "my translation should have been accepted.". It is a little easier for us to make additions from those reports.

Don't use any of the other report options. They don't give us any details and we are not able to figure out what went wrong for any of the other reports. For all other issues, please come back to the sentence discussions to ask about them or report them.

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