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Diferencia entre ''Disregard'' y ''Regardless''?

March 8, 2019

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"Disregard" es un verbo (o puede ser un sustantivo). "Regardless" es un adjectivo. Por ejemplo:

Verbo: "I disregarded the warning signs and drove onto the dangerous road."

Sustantivo: "My disregard of the warning signs led me to drive onto the dangerous road."

Adjectivo: "Regardless of the warning signs, I drove onto the dangerous road."

Dime si tenés preguntas.


"Regardless es un adjectivo."

No, "Regardless" tipicamente es un conjunción o un adverbio. En tu ejemplo, has usado "regardless" como un conjunción.

"Regardless" sí puede ser adjetivo, pero solo he visto la palabra usada así en textos anticuados. No te preocupes de este caso.

nəvighsəqaat aat


Bueno, gracias para la correción. Debería decir, “regardless” no es un verbo, y no es un sustantivo, y en esto es diferente de “disregard.”


The "vos" imperative of "decir" is "decí" :)


Gracias, piguy! Entonces, debería decir “decime si tenés preguntas”, verdad?


sí, que yo sepa

There aren't too many native English speakers who go for voseo. Where'd you pick it up?


I dance Argentine tango and learned Spanish in order to visit Buenos Aires. For some reason I had heard about voseo and the pronunciation for ll and y, so I researched them and started using them. I don’t know how I originally learned about them; they certainly weren’t in the main materials I was using to study Spanish.


Estos ejemplos te pueden ayudar a ver la diferencia entre los dos:


ejemple: Please disregard my last message. He had total disregard for their safety. Think of disregard as no respect or in its more literal way '' without (dis) regard. Regardless is used more in the sense '' Regardless of your preference I will always have my own preference''. Depending on how regardless is used it means roughly ''it does not matter'' or ''no matter what''. I hope this is atl east somewhat helpful.

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