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"I am eating hamburger and potatoes."

Translation:Béégashii bitsįʼ dóó nímasii yishą́.

March 8, 2019



so béégashii bitsįʼ can be beef as well as hamburger?


Apparently so. Note that bitsįʼ basically means meat (see Wiktionary entry for bisóodi bitsįʼ, which means "pork"). Wiktionary further notes that bitsįʼ really means "its meat" (or, in all the cases we've seen in this lesson, I guess, "the meat of the animal name preceding it"), and it's based on the basic noun form of meat, atsįʼ.


i wasn't for sure how to do that and it wasn't on the basics


I know it is frustrating every now and then, but even I tried several times, this is the way I wrote it and further could go on " Béégashi bitsj' dóó nimásii yishá'. " Try it out, friendly regards


When is it beef and when hamburger? When potatoes are involved?


Wait! I couldn't find hamburger?


Hamburger is: Háanbogii dóó nímasii yishą'. Not Béégashi bitsį' huh??

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