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  5. "'ewropDaq 'oHtaH vIraS'e'."

"'ewropDaq 'oHtaH vIraS'e'."

Translation:France is in Europe.

March 8, 2019



Can someone explain the usage of -taH in this sentence? The impression I got from other sentences that used (pronoun)taH to indicate the location of something or someone was that it's used to indicate something is currently in a place, but could move or be moved, similar to the use of the Spanish verb estar. But the country of France is always going to be on the continent called Europe, so shouldn't it just be 'oH here?


General wisdom suggests that you are correct. We don't have proof of the purpose of -taH in copulas, but it does seem to have to do with movable things. If that is the case, then the -taH is inappropriate here.


Thanks for your answer.

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